Board & Superintendent of Associations

Superintendent of Associations

The Supervisor of the Association is an Organ of the Association that performs the duties of supervision and provides advice to the Board of Executives in carrying out the management of the Association consisting of the Chairman of the Supervisors

Before becoming a Supervisor of the Association known as the Honorary Board for 5 periods then changed at the next congress with the presence of the Board of Trustees, Advisory Council, Expert Council and finally determined by the 10th Congress in Makasar with the name of The Superintendent of the Association to be in line with the rules and regulations of applicable legislation.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Association is elected and determined by the Extraordinary Congress. Congress XI Batu, East Java has elected and appointed the Chairman of IKPI Supervisory Period 2019-2024 namely Sistomo, AK., SH., MM., CA as stipulated by the Decree of Congress XI-Batu East Java No.10/KONGRES XI/IKPI/2019 dated August 22, 2019

The Chairman of the Honorary Board, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Supervisors for the periods since IKPI was established are as follows:

Kongres ke-1 (masa 1975-1978) :
       Honorary BoardDrs. Hidayat Saleh
Kongres ke-2 (masa 1978-1982) :
       Honorary BoardDrs. Hidayat Saleh
Kongres ke-3 (masa 1982-1986) :
       Honorary BoardDrs. Hidayat Saleh
Kongres ke-4 (masa 1986-1990) :
       Honorary Board1.  Prof. Dr. Rochmat Soemitro, SH
2.  Prof. Dr. Tobias Subekti, MPA
3.  AJL Loing
4.  Drs. Gunawan Wibisono
5.  Drs. Indra Mulia
       Advisory/Advisory Board   
1.  Drs. H. Hidayat Saleh
2.  Drs. H. Prabukesuma, SH
3.  Drs. Utomo Josodirdjo
Kongres ke-5 (masa 1990-1994) :
       Chairman of the Honorary Board:Drs. Gunawan Wibisono
Kongres ke-6 (masa 1994-2000) :
       Chairman of the Board of Trustees :Drs. Aries Gunawan
       Chairman of the Honorary Board:Prof. Dr. L.A Manulang, DA
       Chairman of advisory board:Prof. Dr. H. Rochmat Soemitro, SH
Kongres ke-7 (masa 2000-2004) :
       Chairman of the Board of Trustees :Drs. Hussein Kartasasmita
       Chairman of the Honorary Board:Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo
Kongres ke-8 (masa 2005-2009) :-
Kongres Ke-9 (masa 2009-2014) :
       Chairman of the Board of Trustees :DR. Muchtar Tumin, Sk., MSc
       Chairman of the Honorary Board:Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo
       Head of Specialist Hall :Drs. Hussein Kartasasmita
Kongres ke-10 (masa 2014-2019) :
       Chairman of Supervisors:Drs. Nono Hanafi
Kongres ke-11 (masa 2019-2024) :
       Chairman of Supervisors:Sistomo, AK., SH., MM., CA